1 in 4 Children In U.S. Live In Fatherless Homes

(BrightPress.org) – Roughly a quarter of America’s children are living in homes without a father or other effective male role models. The impact is measurable and statistically clear: kids who grow up without a dad are more likely to have severe behavioral and mental problems, including criminal recidivism and self-harm.

The recent data comes from the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), and their report shows that there are approximately 18.3 million kids living in fatherless homes across the U.S. AFPI has collected data from a variety of sources to lay the picture out in one place and it doesn’t look good. 80% of children in single-parent homes are with single mothers, and children raised with only one parent have double the risk of suffering from a mental health or behavioral issue in their lifetimes.

One of the studies they included showed that 70% of children in orphanages or foster care came from single-parent homes. Kids who have an engaged and healthy father do better academically across the board. They’re 33% less likely to fail a class and have a 43% better chance of getting As in their classes.

They also looked at school shooters and found that only 18% of them came from stable homes with both their biological parents while the vast majority 82% came from single-parent or otherwise broken-up families.

Suicidal behavior is also more common when the father isn’t around: 63% of minors who kill themselves don’t have their dad in the picture. The vast majority of kids with severe behavioral problems (85%) similarly were fatherless growing up. Drug and alcohol abuse were also far more likely: 71% of kids who use drugs and 75% of the youth getting inpatient treatment for drug problems are raised in a single-parent situation.

Kids raised without a dad are also twenty times more likely to be locked up for criminal behavior. The corporate media loves to blast men for being “toxic,” but the data doesn’t lie: healthy, mature men are a necessary ingredient in raising a healthy mature generation of young people to inherit the Earth.

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