31 GOP House Members Sign Pledge To Block Bills From RINOs

(StraightNews.org) — 13 Republicans signed a letter that vowed to block any legislative efforts from any Republican senator who voted to pass the $1.7 trillion omnibus budget on Tuesday, the 22nd of December, 2022. Their ranks grew to 31 after Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined the effort.

Their letter lambasted the gargantuan 4,155-page bill stating that it “further empower[s] the Biden administration’s tyrannical attack on the liberty and security of our constituents.” The conservative House members oppose the bill’s deficit spending which will further enhance the nation’s ballooning debt, currently hovering above $31 trillion.

The signatories called out the hypocrisy of their fellow Republicans, as they are ostensibly the party of fiscal responsibility; regularly decrying deficit spending and inflation.

The letter announced that upon passage of the omnibus, “we will oppose and whip opposition to any legislative priority of those senators who vote for its passage – including the Republican leader.” Continuing they reiterated their opposition to “any rule, any consent request, suspension of voice vote, or roll call vote of any such Senate bill” and would do “everything in our power to thwart even the smallest legislative and policy efforts of those Senators.”

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Democrats passed the bill in the Senate on the same day as this letter was released and the House passed the bill the following day. Will this threat be carried out in the new year? If so, it would indicate a growing divide within the Republican Party between fiscal conservatives and liberal ‘Republicans.’

Representative Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader was outspoken against the omnibus package. Filmmaker Michael Moore was giddy over the dispute, claiming the in-fight was “proof there is a God in heaven. I am serious.”

If the Republicans are to have any success in 2023, they will require more ideological cohesion and conservative principles. When the next congress is seated in January, many of the RINOs who lost re-election or retired will be replaced with actual conservatives which will help. Will they be able to avoid sabotage by the remaining liberal ‘Republican’ infiltrators?

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