4 Reasons Why Local Politics Play an Important Role

(BrightPress.org) – Many people overlook the importance of local elections and politics. However, they may not understand just how important these elections are, especially for them and their community. Here are four reasons why local politics play an important role in society.


Our children are our future, and we want them to receive the best education possible. However, a better education sometimes comes at the price of children being treated unfairly. One of the most important roles of local governments is delegating what happens in our schools. While the federal government does decide certain school regulations, this is on a broad scale. A state government deals with many details of the schools within itself, often allowing the local communities to make decisions for their districts.

First Line of Government

Another great reason to pay attention to your local politics is that your local elected officials are your first line of government. What this means is the local office is your most accessible form of government. These officials are the ones you talk to in order to resolve issues in your community; without your input, they may never know about what’s troubling you.

Prevent Tyranny and Corruption

People often think corruption is a federal government issue, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Like policies that determine laws in our country, corruption often starts at the lower levels of government. After all, it’s easier for a person with a lot of money to buy a small town and do as they please than buy a whole country. As a citizen of a town or city, you can recognize the corruption and put an end to it before it becomes a tyranny. Local officials look to hold office as long as they can, and if they’re on someone’s payroll, they’ll do the person’s bidding.

Last But Not Least

Perhaps the biggest reason local politics are so important is that they affect your everyday life. Local leaders strive to make their communities better and safer, and to do that they need the input of their constituents. This is the most direct form of government we have; these are the people who make your ordinances, regulations and local laws. This reason alone should be enough for people to pay attention to what happens in their town halls and city councils.

Local politics decide how you live your life, to an extent, so be sure to pay attention to your local candidates and not just the senators, congress members, and the president. Your vote counts more than you might think.

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