A Look Back at Konnech Corporation

(BrightPress.org) – Konnech Corporation’s CEO Kenneth Yu was arrested in October 2022 for suspicion of stealing personally identifying information. Los Angeles investigators in coordination with local police in Michigan, where the company was based, took personal computers and hard drives from Konnech’s offices after they discovered information handled by Yu ended up on Chinese servers.

China’s policy is that all data that ends up in China belongs to the Chinese Communist Party. Konnech was given a five-year $2.9 million contract to maintain the security of their election data specifically such that no one outside the US or who wasn’t a citizen or permanent resident could access it.

At the time the New York Times ran a defense of Konnech, claiming they were the victim of a “conspiracy theory.” The actual reason Konnech was scrutinized was for illicitly passing U.S. voter information to China.

As a consequence of this fiasco, at least four customers have dropped relationships with Konnech. They include the city of Los Angeles and Loudon, Fairfax, & Prince William counties in Virginia. However, Konnech is still deeply involved in the election proceedings in 32 other major American cities.

A Chinese firm using US employees and citizens to pass voter information and who knows what else to foreign adversarial governments could be viewed as odd, and yet there’s very little coverage. Local law enforcement is doing the work, not the FBI or CIA or military, even though there seems to be a national defense aspect to all this.

In fact, the FBI was alerted by some of the filmmakers behind “2000 Mules,” but shortly thereafter became the target of FBI harassment themselves.

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