Another $1.2B Is Not Enough, Ukraine Wants More

( – Ukrainian minister Andrij Melnyk wants his country’s Western allies to fork over 1% of their GDP to fund the war against Russia and the independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Melnyk has become a familiar face grifting Western nations for more money, more weapons, and more vehicles, and he made the additional demand for 1% of each nation’s GDP while appearing on a German television show, per the German publication Die Welt.

Implying nations should go into debt by crossing their own “red lines” he suggested the “Herculean task” is necessary to defeat Russia. That means the paltry $37 billion already sent is nowhere near what Ukraine should be getting from the U.S., with 1% of GDP Ukraine would be entitled to over $230 billion in aid. 

The U.S. is already well-over budget, so much so that the debate on the debt ceiling limit is currently raging between Democrats and Republicans. Things are getting so grim, that Biden has Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen making phone calls to major CEOs to cajole them over to their side of the debate and put pressure on congressional Republicans. 

Unfortunately, despite their disagreements, both parties seem enthusiastic about supporting the war, dragging it out as long as possible, and only a small fraction of House Republicans seem opposed. 

Despite lagging economic conditions and an all-time low approval rating, Biden is calling for more money for Ukraine with a fresh $1.2 billion worth of cash, equipment, and weapons. The Pentagon made the announcement on May 9th that more equipment will be purchased from American military subcontractors to be sent to Ukraine as soon as possible. This latest batch of billions is specifically to cover the costs of their air defense systems and ammunition for their long-range artillery. They seem to use up the artillery rounds faster than the U.S. can provide them. 

Recently leaked documents suggest the war is not going well for Ukraine at all, and that they’re desperate for more weapons and ammo. Without additional weapons and supplies, the Ukrainians won’t be able to launch their desperate counteroffensive, which is well understood to be their last chance to recover lost ground in the war. 

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