Arizona Rocked by Massive Drug Busts Across the State

( – Southern Arizona is dealing with major drug busts. On June 6th, two separate incidents in Yuma and Tucson led to the seizure of 138 pounds of drugs. This discovery included fentanyl and methamphetamine. This news came from a release by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

In Yuma, troopers confiscated 38.6 pounds of fentanyl pills. The drugs were hidden in a spare tire. A suspect was arrested in connection with this bust.

Every day, 150 American lives are lost due to overdoses from this drug.

Tucson saw a different kind of operation. This one involved a residential search warrant. Troopers seized 100 pounds of meth, $8,050 in cash, and multiple firearms. Two suspects were arrested and charged with transportation and possession of a dangerous drug for sale.

Illicit drug trafficking, especially fentanyl, is a big issue at the southern border. In May alone, United States Customs and Border Protection agents in Nogales seized hundreds of thousands of pills. These pills had the potential to kill an estimated 28.5 million people. Law enforcement often finds these drugs hidden in vehicle parts.

Arizona voters will soon have a chance to weigh in on border policy. For the ballot coming up in November, a provision in the “Secure the Border Act” or House Concurrent Resolution 2060 will be up for a vote. The sale of deadly fentanyl would become a class two felony according to this act. The minimum and maximum sentences for this crime would increase by five years. Another key part of the proposition is to make illegal border crossings a state crime.

U.S. Border Patrol also partners with Mexico to intercept production materials and drugs moving between the two countries. In Korea, where stimulants are more popular than opioids, Customs conducts thorough mail inspections, flagging items like fentanyl and other synthetic drugs. Fentanyl might not yet be a significant problem in some origin and transit countries, but that could change soon due to its addictive potential. For example, South Korea is experiencing an influx of meth from Mexico passing through the U.S.

The recent busts in Yuma and Tucson highlight the ongoing struggle of Southern Arizona’s battle against illicit drugs. These operations show the lengths traffickers go to and the challenges law enforcement faces. With new policies on the horizon, the fight against drug trafficking remains a critical issue for the state.

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