Biden Accidentally Reveals Military Secret Live On Air

( – President Biden let it slip that the US is low on 155mm artillery rounds during a recent interview, spilling a national security secret on the air within audible range of all foreign aggressors like China and Russia. Biden defended the decision to send additional ammo to Ukraine in its never-ending battle against Russia over a territorial dispute and inability to maintain ceasefire agreements.

Biden told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that the war in Ukraine is based on “munitions” and that Ukraine was running out and that “we’re low on it.” Biden explained that he followed Department of Defense recommendations to allow the dispersal of additional ammo although US stockpiles are low, justifying the move by suggesting that this is a temporary “transition” period.

The reaction to the announcement ranged from shock and outrage that the president would openly inform our enemies of a strategic weakness during a time of war to confusion, wondering if Biden was simply incompetent and plagued by the fatigue associated with his advanced age.

The White House published a correction and walked the president’s comments back a bit after being asked for a response and clarification. In an email to Fox News Digital, the unnamed representative said that the US military has specific volumes of reserve ammunition required for different weapons systems and that anything we send to the Ukrainian military is above those requirements.

In short, Biden said they were low on 155mm artillery ammo during a very public interview, potentially giving away military secrets, and then some unnamed staffer corrected him after the fact. This is a Biden-typical pattern that has manifested itself multiple times throughout his administration. Biden has previously said things like the US would respond to an attack on Taiwan with military force should China get aggressive in the region. He also suggested the US had regime change in Russia on its mind when he suggested Putin “cannot remain in power.” Each time, White House officials have had to walk back or correct the President after the fact.

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