Biden Accused Of Angry Outbursts At WH Staff

( – President Joe Biden has a tough time controlling his temper, according to a recently revealed report from Axios published on Monday, July 10th. The cheekily titled article “Old Yeller: Biden’s Private Fury” details multiple accounts from first-hand witnesses of how the President exploded on White House staff, many of whom will not meet with him alone for fear of an irate outburst.

The report details the juxtaposition of Biden’s carefully curated image of a kindly old man who eats ice cream with the private and personal experience of staffers taking the full brunt of a curse-laden tirade from the President. Frequent f-bombs, taking the Lord’s name in vain, and telling staffers to “get the f— out of here” are just a few of the highlights.

Some aides have even reported that they believe Biden’s angry outbursts could be politically useful if he shared them with the public to inspire more confidence in his abilities and facilities as President. However, the public is not getting to see that side of Joe Biden.

Famous outbursts include his attack on Jeff Zients, who was Biden’s pandemic czar in late 2021. That tantrum was over the administration’s inability to facilitate the distribution of test kits as the omicron variant was spreading. A spokesman for Zients, who is now Biden’s Chief of Staff, declined to speak on the subject, and the White House similarly refused to comment.

Author Chris Whipple, who wrote a book about the Biden administration, relayed the account of former Press Secretary Jen Psaki. She jokingly recounted how she knew how close her relationship was with the President when he yelled at her “the first time.”

Biden aides also called talking to the President a skill nicknamed “Speaking Biden,” which is the ability to navigate the torrid waters of his moods and can take “years to learn” in practice. Some commented that he had a warm familial side that contrasted with his more aggressive moods and that he has high expectations of his staff, which is why he can be demanding and insulting.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Biden’s style, emotional outbursts in a professional setting, antisocial behavior, and a tendency to lie are all traits of cluster-b personality disorders.

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