Biden Announces New Efficiency Standards Gas And Electric Stoves

( — An announcement from Biden’s Department of Energy is proposing new energy conservation standards for newly manufactured electric and gas stoves. The new rules would set higher standards for the efficiency of the equipment itself without attempting to regulate consumer use directly.

This comes on the heels of a commissioner from the Consumer Product Safety Commission telling Bloomberg that the government was mulling a nationwide ban on gas stoves earlier in January. Multiple Democrats made largely inaccurate statements citing a questionable report that claimed gas stoves were causing a significant percentage of asthma cases in young children.

That study received its funding from nonprofit organizations that are part of a wider initiative to ban gas stoves. The authors claimed there were no conflicts of interest, despite the connections to Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy and Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund.

In December 2022, Sen. Cory Brooker along with 20 other Democrat politicians made wild claims about how the dangers of gas stoves were disproportionately impacting minorities and demanding intervention.

The ridiculous claims were reported by Bloomberg, the Washington Post, and others even though they contradict established science on the subject. A 2013 study sampled over half a million children around the world and found “no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis.”

One official, Richard Trumka Jr. with the Consumer Product Safety Commission told Bloomberg that they were considering a potential ban across the board of gas stoves “if they can’t be made safe.” Why do Democrats feel the need to weaponize safety in order to coerce policy changes, despite established science dismissing their concerns?

The DOE is claiming the proposed rule change will improve America’s energy savings by 3.4% compared to not making the changes. The DOE did not elaborate on how they derived that number or what it actually meant in practical terms, however.

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