Biden Regime Wants More EVs, Less Gas-Powered Cars By 2032

( – Joe Biden’s administration – or rather, the regime – is pushing harder than ever to encourage drivers and manufacturers to switch to electric vehicles (EVs). With more and more complex, self-driving electric vehicles, many are concerned about the amount of control government agencies or manufacturers would have over the electronics in these vehicles. Could they be shut off remotely? Could they be hacked or malfunction?

The new regulations pushed through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would affect cars made in 2027 and beyond. The target is emissions. Restricting the amounts of legal emissions the cars have forces manufacturers to adapt. With the Biden administration already putting out lines like “the future is electric” it’s obvious what they’re trying to do. 

From fifteen-minute cities to outlawing gas stoves, the Biden administration continues to act as a front for other entities, a coven of craven technocrats desperately seeking greater means of control over society. 

The regime likes to further tout that we’ll be saving on oil imports, sure, but they don’t seem to explain where all this extra electricity for EVs is supposed to come from. If we look at California, where EVs are most popular, we see rolling blackouts and the occasional demand from the government to avoid charging EVs. Is that what we can expect for the rest of the country when EVs become mainstream? 

Joe Biden wants 67% of new cars, SUVs, and light trucks to be EVs by 2032. They’re also anticipating buses, garbage trucks, and tractors to go electric as well, not nearly as rapidly however given their obvious need for more horsepower. 

Director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell accused the regime of “bend[ing] every federal rule they can to force people into buying EVs.” The goal is to make EVs less expensive than traditional gas-powered vehicles, limiting buyer choice and making private transportation more expensive in general. Democrats love inflation, after all. 

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