Biden Visits Ukraine Before East Palestine, Revealing His Priorities

( – President Biden made a surprise trip to Ukraine on Monday, giving the Russians only a few hours’ notice that Biden would be in Kyiv, a favorite Russian target for missile strikes. The trip was announced by White House National Security Council representatives who called the trip “unprecedented,” as the U.S. has very limited infrastructure to protect the President during this publicity stunt.

Ukraine is currently split between Russian-controlled southeast parts of the country, known as the Donbas, and the western parts which are still under Ukrainian government control. The residents of the Donbas have been fighting for their independence since a 2013 coup installed far-right ultra-nationalists in Kyiv. Crimea famously voted to join Russia with an astounding 95% of voters preferring to join Russia.

Biden issued a statement testifying to the enduring alliance between Ukraine, the US, and other allies. Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida unveiled a new round of aid for Ukraine coming in at $5.5 billion.

When asked about coordination with the Russians on Biden’s trip and safety, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that they did indeed inform the Russians, “We did so some hours before his departure for deconfliction purposes.” Sullivan failed to elaborate on specifics regarding how the Russians were notified and whether or not they responded.

Sullivan said the trip was an “affirmation” of Biden’s agenda to continue to support Ukraine. He insisted it was a serious trip, “not a celebration,” while adding that the administration expects more “dark days” in the future.

Biden’s visit precedes an anticipated escalation in the conflict as winter heads into spring. Ukrainians have even gone so far as to claim a massive missile strike by Russia could be launched as early as Friday, February 24th.

Many lawmakers are in favor of continued support for Ukraine, while the House Freedom Caucus seems to be the only voice of reason pointing out that we can’t keep giving hundreds of billions to Ukraine to keep them from losing some territory. With Chinese aggression on the rise, a porous southern border, a flood of fentanyl killing our youth, and seemingly regular ‘accidents’ that damage our supply chains and threaten our environment, why is Ukraine a top priority for so many of our elected leaders?

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