Biden’s Horrifying Geoengineering Plan Could Devastate the Planet

( – The Biden administration is considering the possibility of using the atmospheric deployment of chemicals to block sunlight from reaching the Earth in an attempt to stop “global warming.” Despite the measure being completely experimental, with the possibility of cataclysmic side effects like triggering an ice age, members of the administration have signaled their willingness to consider the idea.

An article from a July 1st Daily Mail piece links the report from the White House which uses the euphemism “solar radiation modification” (SRM) to discuss using chemicals sprayed in the upper atmosphere to block sunlight from reaching the planet’s surface. The report discusses the possibility of releasing a high concentration of aerosols in the upper stratosphere which would reflect the rays back into space.

Other ideas included seeding clouds over the oceans to prevent sunlight from warming the seas. The report did note that the science is risky, untested, and could severely backfire. The Biden administration issued a caveat that Congress ordered the report a while back, and so they have not made any decisions regarding the proposals.

The idea is a plot point from the American favorite cartoon series “The Simpsons.” In one episode the evil owner of the power plant deploys a shield to block sunlight from the town, forcing everyone to run electric lights 24/7.

Scientists warn, however, that artificially interfering with the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface could have catastrophic impacts on our ability to grow food, and could have unpredictable impacts on things like weather patterns, ocean currents, and a million other variables. A runaway effect could even trigger an ice age, in a worst-case scenario.

Geoengineering is a surprisingly regular occurrence, despite the frequency with which major media suggests discussion is merely “a conspiracy theory.”

Climate alarmists point to the idea as one way they could cope with severe climate change. Engaging in any experimental process that intends to modify the planet on such an extreme scale is an incredibly risky proposition, warn detractors. Should they mess up, the consequences could be far worse than a slow gradual warming of the planet.

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