Bill Gates Wants AI To Censor Your Speech Online

( – Recently divorced pandemic panderer Bill Gates wants to deploy AI as a weapon to battle “digital misinformation” and “political polarization” according to a new interview published February 9th with German outlet Handelsblatt.

Blaming the events of January 6th, 2021 on extremism and deception, he said he was “in a state of shock” regarding the riot that was bemoaned as an ‘insurrection.’ Continuing, he lamented “conspiracy theories like QAnon or whatever” having such influence on social media, and suggested “digital tools” could have been used to mitigate their influence.

Claiming we could use AI to reduce confirmation bias, Gates seemed to lack the awareness that AI is just as biased as those who train it.

AI is trained by providing the program with specific sets of information and then setting parameters to allow the program to make deductions and connections. The data set on which any AI is trained will profoundly affect its responses and behavior. Recent experiments with ChatGPT, for example, show that the bot repeats information that it is programmed with and is fully capable of presenting a biased worldview.

Repeating his favorite talking points, Gates reminds us how his ideal AI would function. He then proceeded to call climate change an existential threat to humanity while demanding a reduction in fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions. Hitting on all his favorite discussion topics, he reminded listeners that he wants green energy, clean energy, and zero carbon dioxide emissions. Does Gates expect us to cease breathing? Will he personally be providing the funding to completely overhaul our country’s infrastructure and power grids?

Gates ended by returning to the sage climate wisdom that we only have about 10 to 20 years to “get things right.” He argued for making green investments and infrastructure while somehow claiming that the Ukrainian war might “energize the recognition” of his wild climate dreams.

Has Gates read the Climategate emails? That scandal revealed a conspiracy between top climate scientists to fudge their numbers such that climate change seemed more dire than it really was. He was also spotted jet-setting to the Australian Open with his new girlfriend, Paula Hurd. That private jet certainly spews a lot of carbon dioxide, but Gates doesn’t seem to care because he spends money on stopping people from doing what he’s doing. Figure that one out.

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