Bill Stevenson Shares What He Knows About the “Biden Crime Family”

( – Jill Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson revealed that he was threatened and accused of tax crimes due to his involvement with the Bidens. During an interview with Newsmax, Stevenson relayed his experiences in dealing with the “Biden crime family.” His story aligns with how the current Biden administration is treating President Trump, as they share a similar parallel: legal troubles for those who irk the Bidens.

Stevenson told Newsmax viewers that he was threatened by Frank Biden, the President’s younger brother, who suggested that he give Jill the house “or you’re going to have serious problems.” Two months later, Stevenson and his brother were indicted for felonies over a tax charge of $8,200.

Greg Kelly asked if Joe Biden was responsible for their sudden tax woes, Stevenson replied that Delaware is a small state, and as such Joe Biden was able to wield an incredible amount of power locally. He also said that he could not believe that he was being charged with felonies over a relatively trivial amount of money.

Kelly then compared Stevenson’s situation to Hunter Biden’s. The president’s son has been slapped with misdemeanors over a felonious gun charge and $2.2 million in unpaid taxes, whereas Stevenson and his brother were hit with two felonies for a meager fraction of that amount.

Stevenson suggested they’re doing “the exact same thing” to President Trump: weaponizing the Justice Department to harass him with legal troubles. Stevenson said he’s had the Bidens harassing him for 35 years, “one little thing after another.”

He said he felt compelled to come forward and speak out because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to President Trump, whom he loves and respects. He called Jim, Frank, and Joe Biden “very dangerous” and said he wasn’t about to let them get away with doing the same thing to President Trump that they’ve done to him.

DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith recently added three charges against Trump in the classified documents case as of Wednesday, July 26th.

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