“Boycott Target” Rap Song Takes #1 Spot On iTunes

(BrightPress.org) – A rap song has skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes after being tweeted by Rep. Majorie Taylor Green (R-GA). Her tweet alone garnered over 4.5 million views.

“Boycott Target” features rappers Jimmy Levy and Forgiato Blow and was released on Tuesday, May 30th. The song features the men rapping in and outside of a Target store. Suggesting the megachain “targets kids,” the rappers condemn the excesses of the rainbow activist movement and mock Bud Light.

The short rap song beat out Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen for the top spot on the iTunes billboard.

MTG made the point that the “woke mob” doesn’t have buying power, as illustrated by the impact of boycotts on brands like Bud Light and Target. Anheuser Bush, the parent company of Bud Light is down 16% for the month in terms of stock value. Target is down the same percentage in just the last two weeks – that’s $9 billion in stock value down the drain.

Target had the additional poor judgment to associate with UK-based designer Abprallen which marketed edgy shirts and designs featuring “Satan loves you” and “Satan respects pronouns.”

Media outlets have attempted to paint conservatives as violent and unhinged, falsely associating an old prank video from 2021 where a man knocks down a pride display sign and stomps on it inside a Target store with the boycott. The AP went as far as making sweeping allegations that weren’t factual and then stealth-edited the story without noting the correction on its website.

Target has activist executives, including their Vice President of Marketing, Carlos Saavedra. He’s also been on the board of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network or GLSEN. That organization has been in favor of and advocated for the medical gender transition of minors, in spite of the risks associated with such medical treatments on young children.

When a corporation betrays your values, it’s very easy to avoid giving them your hard-earned money.

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