Budget Showdown! Biden And McCarthy Will Discuss Debt Limit

(BrightPress.org) — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced on Sunday, January 29th, his intentions to sit down with President Joe Biden to discuss raising the debt ceiling on Wednesday, later that week. This would be their first in-person meeting since McCarthy was elected to the position.

McCarthy is hoping to use the leverage to reduce spending levels to 2022 levels which would cut roughly 8% of the federal fat. Democrats have been scaremongering about cuts to entitlement programs like social security and medicare which McCarthy has already said are “off the table.” When asked about where the cuts would be or if he intended to cut the defense budget, McCarthy said “I want to eliminate waste wherever it is. … I want to look at every single department.”

McCarthy is being tasked with reducing spending along with raising the debt ceiling, and many members of his party are appalled by congressional waste. Sen. Rand Paul famously mocks the omnibus spending bill that arrives late every December and one of the changes Republicans want is to see individual spending bills for specific practices.

McCarthy will not look to cut Medicare or Social Security, and spoke to the fact that President Biden has announced his refusal to negotiate on spending cuts. “I think it’s very important that our whole government is designed to find compromise,” he said Sunday on “Face the Nation.” He continued by speaking to strike a balance between spending cuts and raising the debt limit.

The White House responded by confirming that their meeting was scheduled and that they’ll be discussing “a range of issues.” It further prodded McCarthy by inquiring whether “he intends to meet his Constitutional obligation to prevent a national default, as every other House and Senate leader in U.S. history has done.” They added words about holding all Americans “hostage” by forcing “unpopular cuts on working families.” The Biden administration is so concerned for working American families that it has ballooned our federal debt in pursuit of victory in… Ukraine?

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