Cameras Installed on Home of Alleged UFO Witnesses

( – Las Vegas police have installed expensive surveillance equipment atop a family home where residents recently reported what they believed was an alien encounter. The family claims to have experienced a crash-landing of a UFO in their backyard and to have witnessed 8-10 foot tall “non-human” entities in the area.

Their report was partially corroborated by police body camera footage which recorded something like a fireball streaking low across the sky around 11:50 pm on April 30th. The American Meteor Society also recorded multiple reports of a fireball in the area on the date in question. Were these aliens, as in life forms similar to us from another planet or something else entirely?

Investigators who examined the site concluded that it is likely something landed or crashed there due to impressions left on the ground, but no other physical evidence was found or reported. As usual with close encounters, there’s an element of “high strangeness.

The family reported seeing tall, “definitely not human” beings, to Doug Poppa who broke the story. After interviewing the witnesses twice he believes something strange has occurred and he’s not sure it was a hoax. Poppa noticed the advanced surveillance equipment during his second interview with the family, who reported that the Las Vegas Police Department put it up to help quell their concerns of a repeat experience. The police wrote it off as a deterrent in case someone was planning to harass the family.

Poppa also isn’t buying the idea that the surveillance equipment is to deter would-be UFO fanatics. He suggested that police don’t deploy resources like that without a good reason, and scaring away UFO flunkies isn’t one.

The family reported a tall creature with big eyes that was able to emit an aura of fear which paralyzed the witnesses for several seconds before they were able to run away. No creature or craft was found or reported since, but the police will get high-quality video if something strange happens again in that location.

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