Canadian Government Turns Off All Social Media Replies

( – Canada seems to have problems with listening to members of the public, especially when those members are critical of the government of Justin Trudeau. On February 13th, the Trudeau regime announced they’ll be restricting public comment on all government-related social media citing ‘abusive comments’ and ‘violent threats.’

In the typical authoritarian fashion of claiming your political opposition is a threat to public health, the Trudeau government posted to Twitter a brief paragraph claiming “an increase in abusive, misogynistic and racist engagement.” The posting also claimed they saw “a greater number of violent threats.” They explain the decision to turn off public comment as a step toward creating an “environment that is respectful to all.”

A gullible individual would presume they’re being honest, someone more circumspect would ask, “What’s the political angle here?” It seems the angle is the desire to advance even tighter controls on speech in public.

Folks may recall C-36 from 2021, that bill was introduced to punish “hate speech” online, that very difficult-to-define term that leftists love to slap on reasoned criticism or inconvenient facts. Thankfully that bill died on the floor, but its specter is being raised again in a bit of legislative necromancy betraying the censorious desires of Canadian leadership.

The Canadian government, in collaboration with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (funded by the government), published a 2020 report that claimed Canadian politicians were suffering “threats of violence and online abuse.” Ignoring the fact that any public figure will surely face public criticism, Canadian leadership prefers to threaten the public with a $70,000 fine or house arrest should their critique be interpreted as “vilification or detestation” according to the bill.

It’s supremely ironic that Justin Trudeau cannot recall the specific number of times he’s worn blackface in public, yet his government wants the power to be able to determine what is hate speech and to punish citizens who express emotive public critiques. They’ve tried it before and they’ll likely try it again.

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