Catholic Hospitals Free To Reject Trans Surgeries

( – In a major win for conservatives, the Biden administration has passed up the opportunity to pursue further legal action to force hospitals to provide gender-transition medical treatments to minors. The deadline passed on Tuesday, June 20th, for the Biden administration to file a notice of appeal in a case where Catholic medical providers sued to fight the transgender mandate included in the Obamacare package.

Under a 2016 ruling, hospitals were required to provide transgender body modification to minors until now. The religious objections of service providers weren’t enough for the courts. That year, lawyers with Beckett Law filed a lawsuit to fight the mandate, and it’s taken until now for it to be resolved. They represented SMP Health System, the University of Mary, and Sisters of Mercy Hospital. The suit also fought for the institutions to avoid paying for transgender body modification for its employees as well.

Prior rulings had gone in their favor, leaving only a challenge at the Supreme Court as a last resort. The Biden administration simply failed to file the paperwork to initiate that process, suggesting they’ve given up. Christian conservatives are hailing it as a major win.

Representatives for the firm suggested the win was a positive step for healthcare as doctors take an oath to “do no harm.” Forcing doctors to perform surgeries or provide chemical treatments for gender transition are permanent, irreversible, and harmful, they said.

The deadline followed a June 16th vote by Catholic bishops to update their rules on the protocols for treating transgender people at catholic hospitals. The Catholic doctrine committee published a paper in March which suggested male and female forms were “God-given.” The paper further elaborated that medically altering the body when there’s nothing physically wrong is “not morally justified.”

The paper concluded that Catholic hospitals should refuse to provide the services and treatments, as it goes against Church doctrine and violates the natural order ordained by God.

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