Chicago Crime And Homelessness Skyrocket Under Democratic Leadership

( – Chicago is falling apart, like most of the Democrat-controlled areas of the United States in 2023. Many citizens are taking it upon themselves to acquire a gun for self-defense, realizing the police are hampered and handicapped by city policy. One brave 80-year-old man was able to drive off two home intruders after firing off a single shot, hitting one of the attackers.

Dozens of citizens have fended off attackers in the Windy City with their guns. John Lott is president and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, he noted an increase in gun sales, which he attributed to an increase in violent crime. He blamed the Democratic tendency to impede officers by reducing their funding and training, and prosecuting them for doing their jobs.

At least 44 incidents occurred in Illinois since 2020 where a victim of violent crime defended themselves by brandishing or firing their legally owned firearm. Carjackings, robberies, home invasions, and assaults with deadly weapons were all interrupted by legal gun owners who had the skills and nerve to defend themselves and their communities.

One woman in 2021 stopped an attempted robbery as she was withdrawing cash from an ATM. “Thank God I had my gun,” she said. Further noting that the perp “looked surprised” when she brandished her weapon, causing her attacker to flee.

Crime is up all over the Chicago area, with murders hitting a 25-year record of over 800 reported homicides in 2021. Lori Lightfoot is under fire for homelessness and vagrancy as well, as reports of encampments popping up inside Chicago’s International O’Hare airport are earning the ire of employees and travelers.

Shocking photographs of men passed out on the floor; garbage, food, and bicycles piled up along a window. One outreach coordinator said the number of homeless encounters he’s experiencing in the airport is going up. Lightfoot’s office said this was all normal for wintertime.

The city recently received $60 million from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to help combat the homelessness issue. Throwing taxpayer money at it is a favorite strategy of the Democrats, while they continue to shoot themselves in the foot with poor management and policy decisions.

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