Child Arrested in Connection With Man Who Died From Beating

Child Arrested in Connection With Man Who Died From Beating

Child Arrest Made – The Crime Is Unspeakable

( – It is extremely rare for a New York City taxi driver to die from homicide while working. On Saturday, August 13, 52-year-old Kutin Gyimah worked his scheduled shift. A camera caught a group of five men and women fleeing the backseat of his cab around 6:20 am. Gyimah chased them down and caught up to one of them.

As the married man with four children held the suspect down, the other four returned and beat him. Austin Amos, a 20-year-old, allegedly punched Gyimah, causing him to fall and hit his head on the sidewalk, sustaining injuries that killed him. As of August 26, a GoFundMe campaign raised $224,763 for his family.

On Tuesday, August 23, police arrested a 13-year-old girl in connection with the incident. Authorities charged her with gang assault and theft of services. The minor is the fourth suspect law enforcement has detained for Gymiah’s death. The authorities are still searching for the last person, also a female suspect.

After the gang assault and murder, Fernando Mateo, spokesman for the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, announced a $15,000 reward for information facilitating the arrest of the perpetrators. In addition, he stated the owner of the company, Big Apple Taxi Fleet Management, paid all expenses for the funeral. Mateo said Gyimah worked hard, and the spokesman questioned how someone could go to work and not come home. He said taxi drivers in the community felt anger and disbelief and wanted justice.

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