CNN Claims Divorce Is Good For Kids – But They Forgot 1 Key Fact

( – Conservative commentator Matt Walsh, a Daily Wire host, destroyed a recent CNN piece that argued the children of single moms had better outcomes than kids from homes with a mom and a dad.

During his Monday show, Walsh pointed out that the piece completely ignored objective outcomes like criminal convictions and poverty, instead focusing on self-reported, subjectively measured happiness. 

To be clear, Walsh points out, they aren’t simply suggesting that these kids can survive and thrive, they’re argument is that single motherhood is ideal or even preferable. CNN used a 2018 report from the Pew Research Center that tabulated as many as 24 million American kids living in a single-parent situation, an overwhelming 81% with mom only. 

Walsh compared the situation to someone who lost a limb. Sure, they can get by and thrive despite the loss, but it’s not ideal. He then cited statistics to show that outcomes in single-mother homes are generally lower-income than those of two-parent households across the board. Poverty, education, drug use, homelessness, criminality – nearly every objective measure shows children from single-parent homes having poorer outcomes. “Fathers are indispensable,” is the conclusion Walsh draws. 

The way the report avoids this is by asking people about their overall life “satisfaction.” He compares survivors of child abuse and severe injury, suggesting that these individuals can succeed and thrive “in spite of” their difficulties, rather than “because of,” and the distinction is crucial. 

Calling it “catastrophic,” and “a social experiment,” he said that we’ve already answered the question of whether or not it’s beneficial, and the answer is a resounding “no.” Every individual needs a mother and a father, from conception to adulthood. 

CNN makes the argument that because people can have positive outcomes in these situations they’re preferable while ignoring that child abuse and injury victims can also have positive outcomes. That doesn’t mean child abuse or injury is good. What is CNN trying to push with this nonsense?