Colorado Mom Activists Will Demand Governor Ban All Guns

( – A Colorado-based group of women activists is lobbying Gov. Jared Polis (D) to use his executive authority to completely ban all guns. “Here 4 the Kids” is a group made of mothers and activists “led by black and brown women” that defines itself as a movement, not an organization.

Repeating the oft-cited line that guns are the number one killer of children, the group says its number one responsibility is ending all gun violence in the U.S. The claim that gun violence is the number one killer of children only works when you count 18 and 19-year-old adults as children. When you look at 0 to 17-year-olds, automobile accidents (2,503) beat firearm deaths (2,281) in 2020 by over two hundred incidents. 

Famous gun grabber David Hogg also reiterated the oft-repeated claim by leftists that “No one is coming for your guns” in a tweet responding to someone’s suggestion he “come and take [his gun].” This call to ban guns in Colorado and institute a mandatory buyback would seem to indicate otherwise. 

Here 4 the Kids is organizing a major protest at the Colorado state Capitol. They’re throwing the number of 25,000 attendees around that they anticipate will show up for the event on June 5th. Their demand will be simple: Gov. Polis signs their draft of an executive order that bans all guns in Colorado and institutes a mandatory buyback program. 

The response to their demand is incredulity. When asked if she thought it could really happen at one of their events, Alyce Blum told 9News that they “get that a lot.” She elaborated saying the idea is “out there,” even to her, but that she’s confident that it’s a distinct possibility and something they should aim for. 

Here 4 the Kids started on Zoom during the pandemic in response to a shooting at a Colorado high school, and they’ve been organizing ever since. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer put out a tweet on Sunday in response to the Allen, Texas shooting where he renewed his calls for “stronger gun safety” laws. Curiously, the Senator did not issue calls for more automobile safety measures in response to the SUV attack which killed multiple migrants waiting for a bus.

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