Democrat DA Shifts Blame For Mass Shooting Onto Republicans

( – Democratic Philadelphia district attorney and George Soros-funding recipient Larry Krasner blamed Republican support for the second amendment for the results of a mass shooting on July 3rd by cross-dressing alleged mass shooter Kimbrady Carriker. Carriker posted a series of gun memes on a since-deleted social media page and multiple photos of himself in women’s clothing, jewelry, and hair styling.

Authorities proclaim he is not “transgender,” even though there are plenty of photos of him appearing as a woman online, and the DA’s office has used they/them pronouns to refer to him. The DA’s office has not responded to queries as to why they chose gender-neutral language to refer to him.

The five deceased range in age from 15-59; Carriker allegedly told police that he was cleaning up the neighborhood. A two-year-old toddler was also hit four times in his legs and survived. Carriker came prepared for an extended battle, wearing a bulletproof vest, carrying multiple weapons, and a police scanner. He was arrested after being chased into an alley and cornered by police.

Krasner’s press conference blamed the violence on Republicans and conservatives who support the second amendment by wearing AR-15 lapel pins. Krasner’s soft-on-crime policies are concomitant with an increase in violent crime across Philadelphia, a Democrat stronghold. An investigatory panel last year found Krasner’s policies directly contributed to the rise in Philadelphia crime. Despite this evidence, Krasner blamed Pennsylvania’s gun laws and conservatives.

Carriker reportedly used ghost guns, which are handmade weapons from either kits, 3D printing, or a combination. These guns are unregistered, untraceable, and impossible to legislate against effectively.

Krasner’s policies were so unpopular and ineffectual that he was impeached last year by the Pennsylvania State House. The 107-85 fell along party lines, and while Krasner has been impeached for “misbehavior in office,” his trial in the State Senate is indefinitely postponed. Krasner sued to delay the proceedings claiming his failures to prosecute, releasing suspects without bail, and downgrading charges against offenders didn’t amount to “misbehavior in office.” Senate Republicans await an answer from a district judge before putting his trial into motion.

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