Democrat Mayor’s Frivolous Campaign Spending Exposed

( – Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, a Democrat, has come under scrutiny for his campaign expenditure records, revealing significant spending on personal grooming, specifically hair and makeup services. According to a report by the Chicago Sun-Times, Johnson has spent over $30,000 from his Friends of Brandon Johnson campaign fund on grooming expenses since launching his campaign for mayor last year.

The report highlights that most of these funds went to Denise Milloy’s Makeup Majic, a makeup artist based on the South Side of Chicago. Records from the election board indicate that Milloy received payments from Johnson’s campaign for various services labeled as “Candidate makeup for TV,” “Candidate makeup for debate,” or simply “Candidate makeup.”

However, after assuming office, the payments to Milloy were categorized under “event expenses.” When questioned about these expenses, a campaign spokesperson emphasized that Johnson used his campaign funds to fairly compensate Black and women-owned businesses for their services in preparing him and his associates for public appearances and events.

The scrutiny intensified when it was revealed that Johnson’s campaign made a $4,000 payment to Anthony Jones Salon in Palatine, Illinois, for “event expenses.” However, the salon owner denied receiving the payment, suggesting a discrepancy in the records. Johnson’s campaign advisor clarified that the payment was intended for AJ Styles Barber & Beauty Salon on the West Side of Chicago, indicating an error in reporting.

Asked about Johnson’s grooming expenses, Johnson’s campaign advisor Bill Neidhardt said in a written statement that the mayor would never use taxpayer money on such expenses in regards to his events or public appearances and events.

An election attorney, Michael Dorf, mentioned that the law doesn’t directly forbid the use of campaign funds for grooming expenses, indicating it could support Johnson’s case in an argument.

While the use of campaign funds for grooming expenses is not explicitly prohibited by Illinois election law, it has sparked debate over its appropriateness. Despite differing opinions on the matter, Johnson’s campaign maintains that these expenditures were legitimate and aimed at supporting local businesses.

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