DeSantis NUKES Woke Ideologies In Education With New Legislative Package

( — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is back in the news again announcing plans to prevent state-funded institutions of higher learning from having critical race theory-inspired programs or anything related to the dreaded D.I.E. acronym of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

The initiative is a part of a larger package of bundled legislation that is expected to attack the Marxist-inspired bulwark of educational wokeness in Florida. If successful, it could inspire similar legislation in other states or nationwide.

On Tuesday, January 31st, DeSantis gave a press conference where he suggested folks are tired of all the politics in education and would prefer “true academics” in schools. Describing the upcoming legislative package, political wokeness in schools will receive “No funding, and that will wither on the vine.”

Further, a written statement from the Governor’s office described the proposal by implying it “raises the standards of learning” for public education in Florida. The plan will block colleges and universities “from using any funding, regardless of source, to support DEI, CRT, and other discriminatory initiatives.”

For the uninitiated, critical race theory is a bundle of ideas derived from Marxism where the bourgeois are recast as the racial majority and the proletariat or oppressed peoples are a racial minority. It was developed in the latter half of the 20th century as a way to understand the ongoing struggle with societal racism. The core concept is that society itself is racist and must be remade in order to achieve utopia.

Conservatives at the New College of Florida will experiment with removing these programs. After voting to remove the current progressive president, Patricia Okker, they moved to begin an official debate to eliminate the office of diversity, equity, inclusion, and related programs. Before they met, a small group of dozens of students protested the proposed changes.

Florida is one of 25 states mulling over legislation to regulate Marxism in education. Currently, eight Republican-controlled states have already banned or limited teachers from deploying racial Marxism or similar ideologies under the guise of critical race theory.

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