Disney Slammed For Critical Race-Themed Cartoon For Kids

(Brightpress.org) – Mega-corporation Disney is under fire over a reboot of an early-2000s children’s show called “The Proud Family.” Formerly a playful, sitcom-style coming-of-age story, the new version of the show now seems to regurgitate a lot of the critical race theory talking points. The cartoon featured enlightening lyrics like “this country was built on slavery,” and “descendants of slaves have earned reparations.”

Available on its streaming service, Disney+, the show features heavy political themes inspired by critical race theory and other trendy Marxist ideologies done up in fancy new outfits and hairstyles. “The exploration of Blackness” is how season 2 was described by showrunners Bruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar.

A clip from the cartoon featuring a selection of angry girls protesting and facing off against a row of police in riot gear went viral on Twitter Monday, February 5th. Another clip with 5.3 million views, posted by the account “End Wokeness,” features an anti-white rap song that attributes the rise of early America to slavery and blames white people for the practice exclusively. Repeating the mantra “slaves built this country,” throughout the song, the slam-poetry style song is a fine example of the logic used in the infamous 1619 Project wherein the success of early America is solely attributed to the use of slavery.

Executive producer Latoya Reveneau jokingly outed herself during a recorded staff meeting, claiming the show has a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” She was quite pleased describing the ways she “added queerness” to the show while admitting no one at Disney “was trying to stop [her].”

Writer and conservative activist Christopher Rufo called the rap song “pure critical race theory.” Democratic activist Brian Krassenstein tweeted “Republicans are losing their minds,” in response to conservative calls for a boycott. Showrunner Bruce W. Smith added, “Why the fear?” and suggested that they were encouraging dialogue.

Whether or not you agree with conservatives or Marxists on this issue, the fact that children’s programming is chock full of this stuff should put parents on guard. Do you know what your children are watching?

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