Disney’s Little Mermaid Flop Will Cost Them Millions

(BrightPress.org) – Ultra-woke megacorporation Disney is in for some financial turbulence as their latest live-action remake, The Little Mermaid, is on track to lose millions of dollars if this weekend’s opening numbers are indicative of future performance at the box office.

Disney has doubled and tripled down on gender mania and critical race theory, an ideology that claims our society is inherently racist and white people must make up for this inequity. A recent controversy saw a video go viral that showed Disney featuring a cross-dressing shop attendee at one of their dress outlets. Dear Disney, just let kids be kids.

Problems abound including a downgrade of its stock shares and a dramatic loss in subscribers for its streaming service, Disney+.

One of their latest flops, Strange World, got a reputation for taking things a little too far when it featured a gay teenage tryst as part of the story’s plot. While homosexual characters are fine in adult and even PG-13 films, perhaps pushing it (along with a side of environmental climate hysteria) may not be the way to attract family-friendly audiences. If anything, it seems to repel them.

Leftist publication Deadline covers the numbers: The Little Mermaid only brought in $300-350 million domestically with $260 million overseas thus far. Theaters take roughly half the box office profits, which means Disney is only bringing in ~$300M total when the film costs ~$500M to produce and market. That’s a $200M loss so far, so maybe it’ll break even?

When compared to the $1 billion in sales garnered by previous live-action remakes like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid is a stunning flop. Its performance abroad should outpace domestic sales…but doesn’t. One has to wonder, is the company’s tarnished reputation impacting their financial woes, or was this film specifically a problem due to the replacement of a white red-haired character with a black woman with dreadlocs for no good reason? Perhaps both – either way, Disney executives may want to replace their performative social engineering grift with quality stories that entertain without all the soulless identity politics.

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