Donald Trump Said He Can End Ukrainian War In One Day As President

( – Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said that if he had the authority, he could force Ukraine and Russia to make a deal to end the war in Europe within one day. At the Turning Point USA conference on Sunday, Trump was asked about the subject after an event straw poll showed overwhelming opposition to continuing to support Ukraine.

Earlier on Sunday during an interview with Fox News, Trump suggested that he would give Ukraine “more than they ever got” if he was in charge, contrasting with his base which widely opposes such behavior.

Turning Point President Charlie Kirk added that almost every Republican candidate is in favor of continued sending of munitions, equipment, and dollars to Ukraine. While the US has not sent troops to fight on the ground, there are ample soldiers in Ukraine for logistical support and training purposes.

President Biden recently authorized up to 3,000 troops to be placed on ready status for deployment to Europe.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-SC) is a Trump supporter, but she stands strongly against continued military support of Ukraine with American assets. She recently attempted to eliminate $300 million from the National Defense Authorization Act using an amendment that was defeated. One-hundred-thirty of her Republican colleagues voted against the measure, while only 87 voted for it suggesting that the GOP still supports funding Ukraine to a large degree at present.

Republicans queried in a Gallup survey from June were roughly split 50/50 on the issue of whether or not ending the war quickly would be preferable even if Russia kept the territory it conquered. In contrast, 80% of Democrats would prefer a protracted conflict if it meant restoring old borders.

A poll from Pew Research showed that 44% of Republicans asked believed the US was providing too much support for Ukraine, 20% said it was just right, and 14% said not enough. Fourteen percent of Democrats asked said it was too much, while 44% thought it was just right and 19% replied not enough.

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