Durham Report Says Russian Collusion Hoax Should Never Have Happened

(BrightPress.org) – The long-awaited Durham Report on the investigation into the origins of the FBI investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election has finally been released. The 300-page document details the partisan origins of the investigation and how senior FBI authorities failed to apply rigorous standards to information they were given by partisan actors, like members of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The report also made it clear that there was no evidence Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia before shady offers for dirt on Hillary Clinton came to light. It also highlighted key actors in generating the farce like Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Strzok in particular had noted animus toward Trump which was publicly revealed by a series of text messages he had with his mistress, Lisa Page, another FBI agent. 

Strzok, in violation of standard protocols, opened a full investigation without so much as a conversation with whoever had provided the FBI with the infamous Steele Dossier, which we now know was a pack of expensive lies paid for by the Clinton campaign. Durham blasted the FBI across the board, saying it lacked “appropriate objectivity or restraint” in its investigation when there should have been rigorous scrutiny. 

We’ve watched as the FBI has sat on bombshell evidence like the Hunter Biden laptop which suggests an intense amount of ideological bias at the agency. 

MSNBC pundit Andrew Weissmann did the standard denial, calling the report a “nothing burger” while spinning sentences like “there is no there there,” to discredit the allegations of impropriety. 

Republican presidential primary candidate Asa Hutchinson suggested Trump would use the report to “undermine all of law enforcement” when law enforcement is pretty flimsy as it is across the country; the southern border is in complete chaos, 5 whistleblowers reporting criminal activity by the Biden family, and crime is exploding in blue cities and states. 

Trump himself called the report indicative of “TREASON!!!” on Truth Social, and suggested that it unveiled “the Democrat Hoax” that helped the establishment rig the 2020 election against him. 

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