Elderly Man Shoots Would-Be Robber

Elderly Man Shoots Would-Be Robber

Would-Be Robber Thwarted By The Least Likely Person

(BrightPress.org) – Crime has become a significant problem in major cities across America over the last couple of years. On Sunday, July 31, an elderly store owner confronted an armed robber. He’s now being hailed a hero for turning the tables on the violent criminal.

Video footage from 80-year-old Craig Cope’s shop camera caught a masked individual entering his business around in the early morning hours. The suspected bandit told him to put his hands in the air while brandishing a weapon that resembled an AR-15 rifle. The business owner jumped into action immediately, grabbing his shotgun and firing at the suspect. The footage showed the man running outside screaming before jumping into a black BMW SUV to make his getaway.

Police combed area hospitals and discovered a man was under medical care for a gunshot wound to the arm consistent with a shotgun bullet. In addition, sheriff’s deputies located the black SUV and found guns inside. Investigators said the perpetrators stole the vehicle and the weapons. Officials arrested three individuals.

Cope’s wife said her husband suffered a heart attack after the event. She stated doctors discharged him from the hospital on Monday, August 1, and they expect him to make a full recovery.

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