End Of Title 42 Means More Illegals Will Enter The U.S.

(BrightPress.org) – President Joe Biden cannot wait to end Title 42, which is a pandemic-era policy invoked by former President Donald Trump that allowed the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants from certain countries.

Thus far, it’s been used to remove 2.5 million illegal immigrants from the U.S. after they were detained by border control. Biden is largely anticipated to end the program, following the end of the emergency associated with the pandemic, which could see huge boosts in the number of illegals attempting and gaining entry illicitly to the country. 

The scheduled end of Title 42 on May 11th could see as many as 400,000 additional border crossings according to DHS estimates. That’s as many as 13,000 apprehensions per day. Compounding the problem, once there’s an official announcement that the program is ending, it will create an additional draw for more immigration. There are already rumors of folks gathering at the border in anticipation of gaining entry. 

Biden’s DHS recently announced a new plan to convert Title 42 from a pandemic-related policy to one based on stopping fentanyl. They’re also aiming to change the rules such that if one is seeking asylum, they can’t apply in the U.S. if they traveled through a country where that option was available to get here. They’ve created a DHS app to facilitate the process in the hopes that they can reduce the visibility of the problem while still allowing tens of thousands of migrants into the country per day in advance of the 2024 election. 

This quasi-legal “parole pathway” is anticipated to grant an additional 600,000 migrants entry, over the already set legal limit of 1 million per year set by Congress. The deal requires the collaboration of Mexican authorities, as well as U.S.-based non-profits to house, transport, and facilitate the migrants’ journeys. This is in juxtaposition to Trump’s policy of threatening Mexico with economic consequences if they failed to curb migration. That policy largely worked at reducing the number of migrants, and it was one of the first things Joe Biden’s regime reversed. 

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