Expelled Tennessee Democrat Returns To The House After Vote By City Council

(BrightPress.org) – Two Tennessee state legislators that were expelled from the House for violating decorum rules while running an anti-gun protest last week could be restored to their seats should their home districts vote to send them back. Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were expelled as a consequence of leading a rowdy protest in the Tennessee state capitol and interrupting a session in progress. A third representative, Gloria Johnson collaborated with them as well; she narrowly survived expulsion by a single vote.

The “Tennessee 3” instantly became darlings of the leftist media establishment with prominent features and interviews on CNN and MSNBC in the days following their expulsion. They even had Kamala Harris show up to cheer them on since she’s perpetually available. 

Jones was reappointed by a unanimous vote from the Nashville Metropolitan Council on an interim basis, he will have to be re-elected in a special election later this year. A vote for Justin Pearson to be sent back on an interim basis will be held on Wednesday, April 12th. Both men intended to run in the special elections for their districts. 

Jones has arrogantly called for the Speaker of the Tennessee House to resign calling him an “enemy of democracy” – this is a great time to remind readers that any time the Democrats reference “democracy” that’s what they call their vice-like grip on politics and culture. The United States is also crucially not a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic. 

While many folks have made fun of the preacher style of speech employed by both Pearson and Jones, a new video is going viral showing Pearson before his radical transformation into a Black Activist Democrat. In the video, a younger college-aged Pearson speaks plainly to the camera. His cadence and style are relatively unremarkable. Compare that to his viral video condemning their expulsion which many have jokingly referred to as “dollar store MLK.” 

It’s important to recall that folks seeking power will lie to, perform for, and manipulate voters. This used to be common sense.

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