Failing Film Resorts To Woke Tactics To Increase Numbers

( – Has corporate America learned nothing? After the fiasco with Bud Light, it should be clear that American consumers largely reject wokeness. Woke marketing ploys may seem like good ideas to marketing “experts,” but the proof is always in the pudding and if your marketing strategy invites backlash and boycotts, perhaps it’s not working.

The new film, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” will be testing out a new marketing strategy to see if it stirs up more interest in the film inspired by the Judy Bloom classic by the same name. As if the Bud Light controversy never happened, transgender TikTok star and influencer Dylan Mulvaney announced her partnership with the film on Friday, May 12th on her social media. 

Mulvaney asked author Judy Bloom about parts of the book she wanted to be included in the film, her hopes for how it’s received by audiences, and any other nuggets of knowledge she hoped to impart. 

The book itself focuses on the awkward experiences of female-specific puberty, dealing with topics of sexuality, religion, and menstruation. Will Dylan’s endorsement help bring people into the theater? 

The film itself has been out for three weeks, and at $16 million in sales, it’s still shy of the $30 million it cost to produce and distribute the film. 

Film journalist and critic Christian Toto suggested that Lionsgate was making a last-ditch effort “to draw attention to the film” by paying the TikTok star to give an endorsement on social media. Will it work? 

In other news, the editor of Scientific America was shut down by evolutionary biologist Colin Wright for claiming a species of bird with atypical sex chromosomes actually had four sexes. In a tweet, Laura Helmuth used the white-throated sparrow in order to make the argument that gender and even biological sex can be a spectrum. 

While the birds do have interesting genetics, they still exist as female or male producing eggs or sperm as their gametes combine to form new life. Much to her chagrin, Twitter’s context-adding community notes debunked the notion that the bird had four distinct genders. After 2.1 million views, the post only received 531 likes demonstrating that woke rationales are incredibly unpopular with the average internet user.

Whether it’s marketing or science, wokeness tends to taint everything.

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