FCC Shuts Down Chinese Telecom Firm Over Concern About CCP Influence

FCC Shuts Down Chinese Telecom Firm Pacific Network Over Concern About CCP Influence

(BrightPress.org) – In 2016, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned about Chinese business practices and said the US government allowed China to take advantage of it. In recent years, there’s been a change to some government agencies allowing Chinese businesses unfettered access to sensitive US infrastructure. On Wednesday, March 16, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) moved to block another Chinese company over national security concerns.

In a 4-0 ruling, the FCC revoked authorization for a Chinese telecommunications company from operating in the United States. CITIC Telecom International Holding, LLC — a Chinese state-owned company — owns Pacific Networks and ComNet. FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said the agency’s actions strengthened US national security.

Last year, the FCC said the two telecommunications carriers failed to alleviate deep concerns about their authority to provide telecom services in the United States. After the decision, the Chinese commerce ministry heavily criticized the FCC’s move. It said US officials immediately needed to stop its unfounded crackdown on Chinese businesses. An attorney for Pacific Networks said the company has a minimal operational presence in the United States and does not pose a national security threat.

Since 1999, the FCC has revoked or rejected three Chinese telecom companies’ permits. Each time, the agency cited national security concerns. One Chinese company failed to persuade a federal court to reverse the FCC’s decision in October.

There will likely be more FCC bans of Chinese companies wanting access to the US’s telecom infrastructure.

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