FDA Sued Over Refusal To Share Data About Use Of Puberty Blockers On Kids

(BrightPress.org) – The FDA is facing a lawsuit after it ignored a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request pertaining to the use of off-label prescriptions for puberty blockers and hormones for children. The request and lawsuit were filed by Stephen Miller and his conservative organization America First Legal (AFL).

They filed their initial FOIA request in September 2022, asking for all records from the first day of the Biden administration to whenever they executed the request that involved puberty blockers and hormone treatments for children, what the left calls ‘gender-affirming care.’ By ignoring the request, the FDA is in violation of the law.

AFL is suing to gain access to the information, an extra step they shouldn’t have to go through. What are they trying to hide? The lawsuit accused the FDA of corruption and violating the FOIA, concealing “vital information” from the public needed to make an informed analysis of the experimental treatments.

They are experimental by the way. Rachel Levine and others have called the use of puberty blockers ‘life-saving care.’ The prolonged use of these chemicals on children who are too young to offer meaningful consent can have lasting effects on their development and mental health. Children who undergo these treatments may experience sexual dysfunction as adults and lose their ability to naturally have children.

That’s ignoring the host of other medical complications that can arise. The chemical blockers, technically classified as GnRH agonists, are currently only FDA-approved for treating precocious (or early) puberty, certain cancers, endometriosis, or during in vitro fertilization and the chemical castration of criminals.

Whistleblowers have been coming forward to reveal the misuse or overuse of these chemicals on kids, and the radical lefties and their buddies in Big Pharma are all too eager to double down and accuse critics of bigotry.

As European countries begin to abort these experiments on children, the FDA and American institutions are just catching up. Unfortunately for them, the public is starting to realize that yet again authorities and medical professionals have lied about and exaggerated the safety and efficacy of their treatments. Will anyone be held accountable?

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