Feds Reveal CCP Plot To Join Russia in Taking Over the Moon

Feds Reveal CCP Plot by China To Join Russia in Taking Over the Moon

Feds Reveal Russian Partnership Involving CCP

(BrightPress.org) – In 2024, NASA plans to send a manned crew to the moon. In the first mission of the Artemis program, astronauts will only orbit it. During the second planned mission in 2025, they intend to land at the lunar south pole. As the US moves to re-engage its lunar space program, it appears the Chinese aren’t far behind. With that in mind, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson is warning that China won’t use space for civilian purposes.

On Saturday, July 2, Nelson told a German magazine Bild that China’s space program is designed to further the country’s military ambitions. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government says it’s planning to launch rockets capable of taking a person to the moon by 2030. Nelson said he’s concerned that once the country arrives, the CCP will tell the world the moon belongs to them and tell everyone else to get off of it.

The NASA director said the Chinese are skilled at stealing technology from other countries to accomplish their missions. A retired engineer told The Epoch Times that plagiarism forms a key part of the Chinese process of acquiring new technologies. To get away with it, the engineer noted that designers made slight changes to the appearance of their productions.

On May 17, Nelson testified to Congress in a budget hearing that China was using its space station to learn how its military could destroy other nations’ satellites. The Chinese response has been to condemn Nelson’s statements. Still, others say that the country’s space program exists with the participation of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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