Former Trump Advisor Sends Blistering Warning to Law Schools

( – Former Advisor to President Trump and president of America First Legal, Stephen Miller, sent out a warning to 200 of America’s top law schools, warning them that should they attempt to abrogate the Supreme Court ruling nullifying affirmative action, his organization will sue them into compliance.

In a short promotional video, Miller gave a brief announcement of his intention to deploy lawsuits against any of America’s law schools that attempt to circumvent or otherwise ignore the SCOTUS ruling, which found affirmative action, the process of heavily weighing race and skin color of an individual during the admittance process over credentials and grades, a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

Miller said, “We are going to hold them to account” if his organization gets wind of any law school using race as an admissions criterion since many schools are scrambling to figure out how they can legally continue the practice of weighing race. A piece from the New York Times suggested that the personal essay will become a new locus for discussions of race and ethnicity; whether or not that leads to a bunch of white kids claiming to be Native American remains to be seen.

Affirmative action’s origins reach back to the civil rights era when it was extremely difficult for minorities to be accepted to institutions of higher learning. The major complaint against the practice is that it allows unqualified individuals access to positions that they are not prepared for while taking a spot from someone who is.

Elite institutions like Harvard have been vocal in their desire to admit fewer Asian and white Americans, despite those achieving the necessary scores for placement. Their desire to have a more colorful or diverse campus is more important than properly educating qualified students. Schools like Harvard also credential future world leaders, presuming they graduate.

Schools will likely continue to attempt to circumvent the ruling; some have already suggested eliminating standard testing. Miller may get his chance to follow through on his warning in the not-too-distant future.

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