Former WH Physician Sounds Alarm on Biden’s Wellbeing

( – Rep. Ronnie Jackson is a former White House physician under the Obama and Trump administrations who has since launched his own political career and has words for President Joe Biden, suggesting he’s “not physically or mentally” well and able to serve the office of President.

The Texas Republican Representative has experience working in the White House as a physician to Presidents from both sides of the aisle, and he found the current situation untenable. Biden’s recent tumble over a sandbag while handing out diplomas in Colorado Springs is just the latest pratfall and national embarrassment in a string of slips, tumbles, and awkward rumors about his lack of bowel control.

Now, Biden is planning a second term? Biden is the only Democrat with a name big enough to carry him unless Gavin Newsome throws his hat into the ring.

Jackson said that the idea he could be 86 and still President is “malpractice” by the White House medical staff. He suggested that Jill Biden and other handlers close to him should really put a stop to this ridiculous fiasco as it not only takes a tremendous strain on the now scandal-ridden Joe Biden, but it’s also incredibly harmful to the country as a whole.

Last February saw the release of the official White House medical report on the President from Walter Reed Medical Center, and they maintained the President was in “good physical and mental health.” No one is buying that, most people think Biden is “too old” to be President – because that’s the truth.

The office of the President takes a huge mental and physical toll on the individual who wears the mantle. They become an avatar of the United States and they represent the country to the wider world. Having an incontinent old man stumble, fall, and mumble is not good for him or for the nation. It does benefit a select few who pull his strings and use his authority to earn themselves tremendous amounts of money.

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