Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prison Life Looks More Like a Luxury Spa

Ghislaine Maxwell's Prison Life Looks More Like a Luxury Spa

( – In December, a jury convicted Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other charges. On June 28, Circuit Judge Alison J. Nathan sentenced her to 240 months in federal prison. Now, the convicted felon will spend her incarceration in a facility that sounds more like a luxury spa.

In June, Maxwell told her victims she hoped her harsh incarceration would help them gain closure. Yet, her prison time won’t be as difficult as expected despite the objections of Judge Nathan, who wanted her to do her time in a Connecticut lock-up. That low-security prison is where numerous celebrities served their time, including author Piper Kerman who wrote the best-selling memoir of her time there, “Orange Is the New Black.”

Instead, the Department of Justice sent the socialite 1,000 miles away to a low-security prison in Florida that is plush with indoor and outdoor activities. Maxwell will be able to enjoy individualized arts and crafts programs, softball, basketball, and volleyball leagues. If those options don’t suit her needs, she can play frisbee or participate in yoga and pilates. She also will have access to new movies and more.

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) said it doesn’t discuss the situation involving inmates over privacy, safety, and security concerns.

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