Green Fireball Sparks Panic in Louisiana Town

( – A massive fireball lit up the night sky with a bizarre green glow at 4:30 am local time in Gretna, Louisiana. The flash was captured by a Ring door camera as well as multiple other sources across the American South. Gretna is a small town outside of New Orleans.

The video shows a tiny green spec that blooms into a verdant flash in the early morning hours. The bizarre fireball is reminiscent of a similar episode that occurred in May in Las Vegas where another green fireball preceded claims that aliens were in one family’s backyard.

Most commentators are calling this sighting a meteor, but some believe aliens are involved. The American Meteor Society, which tracks reports of meteors and fireballs, received 29 reports around the same time from witnesses who observed the flash.

The event was also captured on dashcam by a driver who happened to be passing through Louisiana. His video shows a bright green streak across the sky that ends in a flash before vanishing.

The green meteor resembled another sighting from May in which police officer body cam footage captured a green light streaking across the sky. Shortly thereafter, a local family called the police to report strange beings in their backyard. The witnesses said they were tall, big-eyed, and big-mouthed creatures that were reportedly “not human.”

In that event, investigators ultimately failed to find evidence of the beings although there was a circular impression left in the ground in their backyard where the family claimed to see the beings.

NASA rejected the idea that aliens were involved and maintained that the Las Vegas sighting was due to a meteor. That meteor was also recorded by the American Meteor Society, but NASA’s instruments were not sensitive enough to detect it, according to officials.

NASA also was credited with another sighting; this time green lasers were seen by a researcher who observed meteor sightings around Japan’s Mt. Fuji. The lasers originated from a NASA satellite charged with measuring the thickness of ice, height of bodies of water, and topography.

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