Homeland Security Plot to Target Trump Supporters Exposed

(BrightPress.org) – America First Legal (AFL) recently achieved a significant victory by suing the Biden administration, resulting in the dismantling of a panel of so-called “experts” tasked with enhancing national security protocols.

The dissolution of the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group, exposed through AFL’s “Deep State Diaries,” has unveiled startling revelations. Under Alejandro Mayorkas, figures like James Clapper and John Brennan, known for their controversial roles in dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop saga as Russian disinformation during the 2020 elections, were appointed to this panel.

Initially touted to comprise a diverse range of perspectives, including former intelligence officials, journalists, and civil liberties advocates, the group’s activities veered into concerning territory. Documents reveal discussions on encouraging citizens to report suspicious behaviors to authorities, echoing Bush-era campaigns like “See Something, Say Something.”

A September 2023 meeting highlighted frustrations over limited local cooperation post-January 6th, prompting calls for enhanced community engagement strategies. Suggestions included reclassifying suspicious activities as public health concerns to foster reporting.

Further revelations from AFL statements detail how the group labeled supporters of former President Donald Trump as potential domestic terrorists. Discussions within the group reportedly identified military affiliation or religious beliefs as indicators of extremist tendencies, fueling concerns over politicized threat assessments.

The FBI, tasked with balancing law enforcement against constitutional rights, faces mounting pressures amidst escalating partisan tensions. Classified data obtained by Newsweek underscores a significant increase in investigations focusing on Trump supporters, amid fears of violence leading up to the 2024 election.

Critics argue that such targeting risks inflaming political divides, with implications for civil liberties and democratic norms. The Biden administration’s approach, branded by some as overreach, underscores a growing debate over the definition and handling of domestic terrorism in a polarized America.

As the FBI continues its efforts to mitigate domestic threats, questions linger about the efficacy and fairness of its methods. The classification of Trump supporters as a distinct category of extremists raises concerns about selective enforcement and its impact on national unity.

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