Hunter Biden Required To Testify About Finances In Child Support Case

( – Hunter Biden will be required by a judge to sit for an under-oath interview and answer written questions about his personal finances in response to his ongoing court battle with the mother of his child who was born out of wedlock. The Arkansas judge in the case is requiring him to sit for an in-person interview with sworn testimony in June with a trial scheduled for July over whether or not his child support payments can be reduced, a change he requested in 2022.

Current estimates have his child support payments pegged at around $20,000 a month, according to CNN. At the time the amount was chosen, it was based on his income. Lawyers for the President’s son maintain he’s had a severe decline in his financial situation since then. 

Information about his business dealings in China could be revealed, including how much he made from BHR Partners, an investment fund in China backed by the Party which was established mere days after Hunter and Joe visited in 2013. Hunter’s stake was 10%, which was held by an intermediary named Skaneateles LLC. 

Hunter sold off his stake after his father became president. They didn’t want a conflict of interests, after all. The estimated valuations were anywhere from $420,000 to $20 million; how much he made from that deal will likely be disclosed as well. 

Breitbart News is also reporting that Skaneatles LLC is run by Hunter Biden’s attorney Kevin Morris, who has previously paid off Hunter’s tax debts. How Morris acquired control of Skaneateles is unclear. In 2021 one of Hunter’s many lawyers reported to the New York Times that Hunter had no holdings in Skaneateles or BHR at that time. 

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is curious if the paternity case will reveal who has purchased some of Hunter’s artwork. Hunter’s art sales have been scrutinized due to the anonymous nature of those who purchase the pieces which go for around $500,000 a pop. Comer is also interested in any offshore accounts Hunter has currently, and if so, how much money is in them. 

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