Jewish Family Attacked at Elementary School Graduation

sad son hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.

( – Last weekend, a Jewish family faced a shocking incident at an elementary school graduation in Brooklyn. The incident took place at PS 682 during a fifth-grade graduation ceremony.

The trouble began when Lana and her husband, Johan, tried to take photos with their children after the ceremony. The other family attempted to push them away from the photo spot. This led to a physical confrontation. Lana reported that Ez-Al Dean Bazar sucker punched Johan, putting him in a chokehold, while others joined in the attack. Lana herself was assaulted by a woman from the same group.

Two teachers intervened and managed to break up the fight. Unfortunately, the school had no security present during the event. The absence of security raised concerns among the attendees. Lana’s ten-year-old twins witnessed the entire incident, adding to the trauma.

Lana, who doesn’t visibly display her Jewish faith, feels her family was targeted because of their Jewish identity. She pointed out that her children are vocal about their Jewish heritage, which might have made them a target.

The New York City public school system’s response characterized the incident as involving aggressive behavior from both families. However, Lana and Johan strongly disputed this, insisting they were the victims. Lana accused school officials of trying to downplay the incident to avoid further scrutiny.

Ez-Al Dean Bazar was arrested but later released on his own recognizance. The NYPD did not classify the attack as a hate crime, a decision that Lana disagreed with, given the antisemitic chants during the assault.

The incident has highlighted the rising concerns about antisemitism. Lana expressed frustration with how the situation was handled, fearing it might be swept under the rug. Her husband Johan, who suffered bruises and swelling, and their son, who ended up with a bloody nose, emphasized the need for proper classification and investigation of such incidents.

The graduation ceremony, intended to be a joyous occasion, turned into a traumatic event for Lana’s family. This incident underscores the importance of addressing and preventing antisemitic acts in schools and the broader community.

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