Journalist Claims ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Events Are Vehicles For Predation

( – Independent journalist Taylor Hansen has published a year-long review of so-called “all ages” and “family-friendly” drag shows for kids, and the results are shocking. Hansen documented twenty cases he alleges are child abuse, including one mother who claimed her son was gay when he insisted he wasn’t. 

Other common observations he made include obese mothers, absent fathers, and scantily clad performers attempting to engage kids in dialogue or outright including them in their performances by strutting them around the venue. 

Hansen claims that these patterns constitute grooming. The children are given money to give to the performers, he says, teaching them that lewd adult behavior is rewarded, while many of the kids are barely speaking in full sentences. He noted that any critique is immediately dismissed as bigotry or discrimination.

In a piece on his Substack, Hansen documents multiple events he attended that beggared his belief. After reporting at several of these events in Texas, performers began to recognize him, and one performer had him ejected after they engaged in dialogue where Hansen said he had a problem with children being there. Wild jeers and boos erupted from the crowd, who cheered and clapped when he was escorted out. 

Hansen witnessed classic cartoons like the 1960s Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation being referenced in or transformed into drag performances. He saw a scantily clad drag queen doing an adult performance lip-syncing “Let It Go,” a popular Disney tune. He strongly objects to this, claiming that relating to children through popular media is a tactic abusers use to lure in victims. 

He spoke with a middle school teacher who said that multiple teachers from her district were engaged in pushing gender ideology onto kids. One event he attended had a special closet where kids could try on clothing items including chest binders and undergarments. He finds this practice extremely inappropriate. 

His investigation ends with an elaboration claiming that this ideology is simply a covert means to convince the larger population of the idea that children have adult needs and desires. He concludes his article with a call to action, saying that these practices should not go unchallenged.

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