Kevin McCarthy Wins Speaker Of The House In Dramatic Over-night Session, Credits Trump

( — California Republican Kevin McCarthy secured just enough votes to acquire the speakership early Saturday morning on January 7th with the fifteenth and final vote. The late-night session began at 10 pm and went into the wee hours of the morning. President Joe Biden congratulated Kevin McCarthy in a mass-emailed prepared statement that went out minutes after his victory.

The President iterated his desire to work with Republicans while talking up his own plans and accomplishments. While claiming to have the lowest employment in fifty years the President emphasized the need to build the economy, defend the nation, and protect social welfare programs. He also mentioned putting American families first, which is odd considering how much money he’s sent to Ukrainian oligarchs while keeping our southern border wide open.

The evening was not without drama. A minor scuffle broke out after the fourteenth vote when Alabama Representative Mike Rogers lunged at Matt Gaetz and had to be physically restrained by his fellow congressmen. After the fourteenth vote, Gaetz was confronted by McCarthy and after they exchanged words Rogers lunged at Gaetz and was held back.

The final vote saw previous holdouts who had been voting for others vote present instead, which lowered the threshold of votes required for McCarthy to secure the Speakership from 218 to 216 as he required a majority of the votes cast. With 216 votes McCarthy secured the office around 1 am in the morning.

Crediting Donald Trump with his win, McCarthy told reporters he wanted to thank the ex-President while reiterating Trump’s hold on the Republican party. He credited him with helping to whip the final votes and emphasized the need for unity as a party and a country. With promises to focus on the economy and secure the border, it will be an interesting two years with McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

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