Libs of Tiktok’s Chaya Raichik Reveals Herself On Tucker Carlson’s Today

( — Libs of Tiktok creator Chaya Raichik revealed her face during a long-form interview with Tucker Carlson on his show Today, exclusive to the Fox streaming platform. Raichik’s Libs of Tiktok account shot to fame and infamy over the past few years as she found the most radical and bizarre left-leaning activist videos on Tiktok and shared them on Twitter to a mixed audience. The additional exposure in a different milieu allowed the videos to frequently go viral and inspire discussion, debate, and protest in response.

Raichik was frequently harassed and targeted for her posts, ultimately resulting in her name and home address being doxed by Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz. Raichik discussed her desire to remain anonymous due to the violent nature of the activist left.

Her account was a frequent target for mass reports and internal Twitter debates. Despite numerous attempts, Raichik was ultimately able to defeat any suspensions and now with Elon Musk in charge of Twitter, there’s very little threat of her account getting shut down, much to the chagrin of her detractors.

Saying she feels “ready for the next step,” Raichik elaborated on her desire to continue to push back against radical ideologies and felt that she accomplished as much as she could while remaining anonymous.

Due to the popularity of her account, she’s had requests from parents’ groups and others who want to learn more and get more active in their communities. In order to help them and show up for them she felt she had to unveil herself formally. She’s planning speaking events in 2023 and getting ready to gear up, “I want to do all I can and help people to fight this,” she said.

Carlson praised her work and pointed out that all she’s doing is sharing their content. “They want their content out there, but they don’t want us to see it. It doesn’t add up,” Raichik responded.

The reason they get so upset is that they expect adulation and praise, but when Raichik shares their videos there’s very little of that generated in response.

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