Lindsey Graham Criticizes Biden’s Defense Budget

( – Congressional Republicans aren’t happy with the debt compromise that was reached over the weekend. Byron Donalds (R-FL) gave a short speech outside the Capitol where he told the gathered “Washington is lying again.” Railing against the latest bill, he mentioned that it has “no cap” on increasing America’s debt, with estimates of hitting $4 trillion by the time the issue comes up again in 2 years.

Generous estimates suggest it could cut $12 billion from the budget but at the cost of spending far more over time. He pointed out that there were no spending cuts from the hundreds of federal agencies and that the bill “canonizes” pandemic-related spending instead of taking us back to pre-pandemic spending levels.

Donalds also lamented the so-called “Green New Deal” policies like subsidizing electric vehicle purchases while doing nothing to ensure the electrical grid can handle the increased demand for EV charging.

Telling his colleagues to vote the bill down, he pointed out that the only thing the bill accomplishes is a raise in the debt ceiling. He also pointed out how “cheerful” the White House and its mouthpieces were when discussing the bill, and that the Democrats are lining up to vote for it while Republicans who read the bill are generally against it.

“They get to keep all of their spending,” Donalds railed. “Vote no, vote no, and do the right thing.” He added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was also against the bill, but he’s against it for the opposite reason: he wants more spending. Isn’t that odd for an alleged conservative? Graham called it a “catastrophe for defense” and “a joke.” Promising to utilize amendments, he told Fox News on Sunday, May 28th that the 3.2% increase in defense spending for FY2024 is below the inflation rate.

Skipping to the number of Navy ships we have, Graham compared China’s ships to America’s fleet and noted the small gap while complaining that the bill would be “welcome news” in China. He also took to Twitter to moan about how we’re not doing enough to “defeat Putin” in Ukraine.

The New Democrat Coalition is endorsing the bill, suggesting that Democrats will line up to support the bill as Donalds mentioned during his speech.

On the evening of Thursday, June 1st, the stalemate was broken when the bill passed the Senate by a vote of 63-36. President Biden expressed his relief at having come to a compromise and promised to sign the bill as soon as it crosses his desk.

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