Louisiana Bill Would Outlaw Teaching Gender Ideology In K-12

(BrightPress.org) – Louisiana is joining the growing number of states combating gender ideology in schools with a new bill that emulates the Parental Rights bill in Florida. Conservatives have launched an all-out war against this confusing ideology, hormone treatments, and surgical procedures for minors across multiple states. Liberals whine about it being harmful while citing poorly executed studies with small sample sizes that have already been rejected in many European nations where early interventions with puberty blockers and hormone treatments for kids were first studied.

Louisiana is putting up four bills to combat gender ideology in its schools. The most recent bill to pass the state House will ban any discussion of alternative lifestyles and gender identity for K-12 if it “deviates from state content standards.” It also requires teachers to use the student’s given name and pronouns specific to their biological gender. 

Proponents claimed the bill will protect kids from radical ideologues who go into teaching to push an activist agenda rather than a proper education. Opponents claim that it is a “targeted attack” on the LGBT+ community. Many gay and lesbian adults are in favor of such legislation because they fear that they would have been deeply confused and perhaps even medically transitioned when they were kids because they were gender nonconforming. 

Rep. Candace Newell, a Democrat from New Orleans complained that the bill tells kids that “they do not matter.” She also implied that the practice of teaching these confusing topics to children is necessary to prevent discrimination. 

The bill largely mimics the Florida legislation that opponents called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, even though the bill does not prevent normal discussions of homosexuality inside a standard educational curriculum. What it prevents was keeping secrets from parents regarding their child’s mental and physical health, and discussing advanced adult topics well outside the scope of normal reproductive health like transgenderism, adult sexual behavior, and radical gender ideologies that treat biological gender as an afterthought. Similar bills have been filed in 16 states with Kentucky, Arkansas, and Alabama having already passed and approved the bills into law. 

Author of the Louisiana bill, Rep. Dodie Horton said the idea is to allow parents to broach the more sensitive subjects and to protect children. 

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