Man Shot 11 Times By Serial Felon Bailed Out By Celebrity Fund

( — The Bail Project has shuttered its Las Vegas chapter as 2022 closes out the year. A left-wing organization dedicated to “ending cash bail,” The Bail Project is a national group that proudly proclaimed they’ve covered the bail for “22,000 low-income people” through December of 2021. The project boasts associations with celebrities like Richard Branson, Danny Glover, and John Legend who all sit on its advisory board.

You’d never imagine that such a benevolent group of intelligent and compassionate individuals could fund the bail of someone truly dangerous, right? Six days after they posted his bail, Rashawn Gaston-Anderson, 24, was arrested on charges of attempted robbery and mayhem with a deadly weapon. He was convicted and sentenced for his crimes in December of 2022.

Chengyan Wang was shot 11 times and nearly died when Gaston-Anderson attacked the Shanghai Plaza mall in Las Vegas’ Chinatown. In September 2022, Wang filed a lawsuit against Gaston-Anderson, The Bail Project, and Shangai Plaza’s owner.

The Bail Project is accused of failing to do basic due diligence like checking to see whether the people they were bailing out had repeat offender status or a history of violent crime. Additionally, the lawsuit alleged that the group never registered as a bail agent under Nevada state law, which is illegal.

Wang accused the owner of Shanghai Plaza of failure to provide adequate security and is seeking $15,000 in damages.

The Bail Project has removed its Las Vegas chapter page and no longer lists it on its website. Would it surprise you if this wasn’t the first time these folks had freed a violent repeat offender who went on to repeat offend? In October 2021, Dylan McGinnis was allegedly shot and killed by Travis Lang who received a $5,000 bailout from The Bail Project in January of that year. Lang stands accused of a laundry list of crimes going back to 2018.

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